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  1. online version seems to be working fine. the software on my laptop is the only one with the glitch. thanks anyways!
  2. I do have the notes synced to my Iphone and they are not "read only" on my phone. I just edited it on my phone and it is appearing on my laptop. but i cannot edit the notes on my laptop.
  3. sure! I have created several Notebooks for my business which I want to be able to share with some of my associates. I edit and create notes then all of a sudden Then all of a sudden a lock appears on the right side of the note book. it says "this note is read only" I did not change the setting of the note or the notebook so i am not sure how it changed. btw this only happens in my business notes not personal.
  4. Can anyone please explain why my notebooks keep switching to "read only". And how can I keep this from happening?
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