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  1. Thank you for reply. Not using Evernote to PDF conversion and using default Mac print-to-pdf instead is indeed way better! I could even say it's perfect if I could remove margin and the line that is added on top. Is there any solution for this as well? I attached example note I created to illustrate what I mean. example_note.pdf
  2. Hello, I'm Evernote user for quite some time already but it's my first post on this forum simply because I didn't have any issues before. Evernote has very useful option to convert any note to PDF file. Unfortunately created PDF page has almost no margins and font is always few sizes larger than in the original note. Both issues together make the document look quite ugly. I use those PDFs for example as cost estimate documents that I send to customers. Is there any way I can make PDF look as beautiful as the original note? Thank you!
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