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  1. A heavy Evernote is not what we want. 

    Version 6.25 was much lighter. 

    How many computers and users can be lost by using this heavy version of Evernote 10? Doesn't that worry you? 



    And even comparing the processing levels (with Notion), we see a slow Evernote (in comparison with Notion). I hope that in the future updates will take up less processing. 


    We are entering a digital vulnerability. And the new versions of Evernote seem to accentuate that. 

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  2. Em 11/01/2018 at 16:18, cacotigon disse:

    For me I had to downgrade to version: Public . I feel like this was the last stable version before formatting issues, table issues, etc were introduced. Since using this version everything's been rock solid.


    EDIT: Just noticed you're on a Mac, whereas I'm on Windows 7, so YMMV.

    Thanks, I'm testing. 

  3. 7 horas atrás, CalS disse:

    Anywhere from 3 to 10, mostly in the 3 to 5 range.  My frustration in the past was setting certain column widths on my PC (dates in particular), and then having those columns get scrunched on my phone or tablet, even though there was horizontal room to display the date on one line.  That doesn't happen now, which is great for me.  From what I've seen so far, most of my tables look like they do on the PC in horizontal mode on the phone.  Except for the widest ones, which now scroll.

    How its good? Look:

  4. 13 horas atrás, DTLow disse:

    Can you explain what your images are showing; Why is the column truncated at that point?  

    What "readjust" do you see making to your tables?

    Simple If I make a table at the maximum resolution of my computer (1920x 1080) and then I'm going to review this same table, Evernote cuts the table (as seen in the link I posted). Even a simple 1-column table. Therefore, it does not do automatic reset. Before (in earlier versions of update 8.6), the Evernote-app would do this reset automatically. This move within the table is awful and breaks with the dynamic reading at the time of viewing the notes.

  5. 4 horas atrás, CalS disse:

    Sorry @mavt88, I think this is a GREAT change for folks like me who like to see their column widths of the same proportion across devices.  This release is just what the Dr. ordered.  Now the info I that uses one row in a column on the PC stays one row on the phone and tablet!  And it's readable, it doesn't get scrunched into a tiny font.  Yahoo!  Thanks EN.  :D

    Wow. But how many columns do you have on a table? ¬¬

    And looking "choppy" at some columns disrupts the precise reading and flow of reasoning.

    I think topographic / general view is more important, especially to quickly review the subject on the tablet (as many students do).

    Bad, Evernote. 

  6. 4 horas atrás, stocky2605 disse:

    Hi, just tap on the table to scroll horizontally to see all the text - doesn't work for you?


    I liked the previous versions that I did not have to worry about tinkering with the table. Enter the note and that's it: everything was formatted. I use the app / tablet / Evernote to review my summaries. This system is counterproductive (tables, update 8.6). Breaks with the premise of Evernote.


    When I study my summaries in Evernote, I do not want to think about storing tables to read content. I want to read and ready (everything already formatted and clean, free of embarrassment).

  7. I'll need to readjust all my tables to read on the tablet. IS IT SERIOUS? Look: http://www.evernote.com/l/Ai7TQIpe_JtH5YErB_CNqSzSSAbszos-KPo/

    Now either I do this or I stop studying for Evernote with my tablet. What bag these iOS updates!

    In update 8.5.1 was the problem of the back button (iPad 9.7 "). Now it is problem in the tables.




    Update of the post (28 nov 2017): I bought an Android (Xiaomi Mi Pad 3).

    Unfortunately I did not support the errors on iOS 11.

    I think Android is better at the moment to use Evernote (at least the tables there have not changed and the formatting is better).

    Thank you for your patience.

  8. Em 19/10/2017 at 15:08, Justin Street disse:

    Hi there,

    Version 8.5 of Evernote for iOS is available in the App Store. You can download it here

    This version contains bug fixes and performance improvements for many of the issues reported here and through our support channels.

    This version includes:

    Thanks for using Evernote and the continued feedback!

    Where is the back button? That ended my life-Evernote. I need back button to study with link note. 
  9. Em 22/10/2017 at 17:03, DTLow disse:

    Bug Report: What happened to the back/forward arrows when referencing a series of notes?  They seem to be overlayed with the expand icon

    Congratulations. I have the same problem. I do not know why they did it. The back button needs to return. I have several notes with note link. The moment I click on the link, before Evernote comes back. Not anymore. This breaks productivity. Terrible update! I'm with you!



  10. Tenho uma sugestão para os desenvolvedores. 

    Quando utilizo a função "tabela", tenho um problema na questão "facilidade". 

    Veja na imagem.

    Se quero criar uma coluna à direita no terceiro bloco, cria-se uma coluna em todos os demais. Daí preciso mesclar os dois primeiros, sendo que só gostaria de acrescentar uma coluna individualizada no terceiro.

    Percebe a quebra de produtividade?




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