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  1. That did the trick. File - Exit does some saves?
  2. I have windows install and I changed my font in options to Lucida Console but new notes start with Tahoma still. I have turned it off and back on again. The options still show Lucida Console but new notes are still starting with Tahoma.
  3. I have used OneNote for many years now and recently switched to EverNote for some of my note taking. I wont go into detail on the things I like and dislike form each but in the area of DOCKING, which searching for docking in EverNote has led me to this post, well I miss docking. No matter how anyone tries to sugar coat it, having my NOTES docked so other programs can not cover them up is MANDATORY. I have 2 SUPER large monitors. And when I need notes, for what ever reason, I want to have access to read and write to without fiddling with the screens of my note taking tool and the other pro
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