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  1. That did the trick. File - Exit does some saves?
  2. I have windows install and I changed my font in options to Lucida Console but new notes start with Tahoma still. I have turned it off and back on again. The options still show Lucida Console but new notes are still starting with Tahoma.
  3. I have used OneNote for many years now and recently switched to EverNote for some of my note taking. I wont go into detail on the things I like and dislike form each but in the area of DOCKING, which searching for docking in EverNote has led me to this post, well I miss docking. No matter how anyone tries to sugar coat it, having my NOTES docked so other programs can not cover them up is MANDATORY. I have 2 SUPER large monitors. And when I need notes, for what ever reason, I want to have access to read and write to without fiddling with the screens of my note taking tool and the other programs running. The note taking tool is a extension of my mind and therefore I use it with everything so when i need that extension to help with a task I want it to have priority! The OneNote dock function is quite spectacular because it literary carves out space on your monitor and will not let any other application use it. And when I resize it the entire desktop automatically resizes with it with no effort from me! How I handle this with EverNote is tedious... having to change the size of each program to all fit properly(even with windows dock to side). It feels like I am fighting with the app... NOT what I need to do at a time when I need notes. LOL I would love to see this functionality added. I am actively looking for a 3rd party application to do it(so far the best solution has been making my own with powershell) specifically for EverNotes use... which is to say even though I have a free copy of OneNote with my work's MSDN, I want this bad enough to pay extra for it. My 2 cents... EDIT*********************** I since have found this solution adequately does the trick and it is simple and cost free. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/13784/keep-a-window-on-top-with-a-handy-autohotkey-script/ It is not a docked window, but the on top functionality serves a very similar function. The attached image I have this post up as the window I am working on and you can see EverNote is available to use while reading the post. The stay on top ability is a quick toggle so I can turn it on when I need it and turn off when I do not.
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