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  1. I am about to use Evernote on Mac Os. The only problem now is - how to move all my offline notepads to Mac OS without cloud syncing. So, your advices may be very helpful. Thank you. Pdf - good way, but too complex (many actions), no way to easily edit such article. Screen grabs - very good way, I use it for pictures. But grabbing the full page is impossible. No way of editing too...
  2. If you could share those methods, I would say a big thanks to you.
  3. Windows OS, local notebooks are on my HDD (C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases). About money situation - you have no choice except using fully cloud working. As you use ONLY cloud (this is the only way to get all your notebooks working on both platforms: Mac and PC), so sooner or later you will run out of your limit and you will pay for extending of your limit.
  4. Similar question again. #!#!#!# Evernote... I have Windows database saved on my HDD in Windows OS. How can I convert/move/... for I could use this database on my Mac OS? DTLow, answering to your question... Are you serious? No offence, but you can't say it serious. ) "No change, unique database structure", hard life, bad economics, bla-bla-bla. I think everybody, at least many people, understand that. Why it should be a good news? I can't use MY OWN INFORMATION the way I want. I am working on Mac Os - I want open my info on Mac OS, I am working in Windows - I want to open my in
  5. Hello. I appologise for my bad language, but I can't find more appropriate words. !$)*$)(*#%WHJ (Bad words about Evernote). Too many information in Evernote. If I could, I would replace this @$#@(%* software. Earlier in Firefox web-clipper there was possibility to clip directly to local notebook. How can I do it now??? I understand that you need money for eating bread, drinking tea, etc, but this is basic functionality. I have PC, I have browser, I have NAS with Evernote Database, all in one place, why should I send clips into my database thorough @$@(% servers??? Extra fee for
  6. These are very bad news... ( Does it mean that I can't use the same data of Evernote in both of my systems: Mac OS and Windows?.. Or... are there some variants?.. I didn't want to, but one of the ways is to migrate to synology note station...
  7. Hello. I've bought NAS (Synology). I use Mac and Windows. I move everything I can to nas for common use on both systems (databases of programs, files, etc). Now I try to move Evernote. My mistake was decision to use Evernote some time ago, but now it is late to change something, too many documents... So... I need to move database to NAS. In Windows it is simple to move database: I can copy it to prefered destination and change path in settings. But in mac I didn't find any kind of settings for database placement. How can I set path for my databases of Evernote in Mac OS?
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