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  1. @bounce The advice that eventually fixed this issue for me was to completely uninstall Evernote using AppCleaner. Hope that helps.
  2. To my email? Not received anything. Not doing so well so far guys, have to say...
  3. So apparently the ticketing system doesn't allow tickets for technical issues?? I put it in as something else. The number is: 1849670
  4. Can't login to submit a ticket. See image. - sign in at the top of the page logs me into web app - and buttons below are greyed out with option of "upgrade"
  5. The support page won't let me sign in. When I sign in I get redirected to the web app, then after returning to the link you provided it asks me to sign in again.
  6. I'm having this issue where I cannot export as HTML, and every attempt I've made to delete Evernote from my Mac results in the "Migrating notes..." msg. I've found that just opening offending note can fix it, but I have a lot of notes...
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