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  1. I would! I would like the option to have it auto-tag url's & names. For instance: www.nytimes.com should always tag "NYTimes" (or however I want to note it. Let me decide the vernacular). I would also like names to be extracted. Evernote should be able to scan for "John Smith" and if "John Smith" is found, give me options to decide on THAT vernacular: "John Smith" or better, "Smith, John." I would also like the date of the article to be automatically tagged as "2017-11-03" for November 3, 2017. Seems to me this is an easy bit of coding. Certainly the URL and date scan is. We should be able to assign tag rules to make this happen, or in the alternative, I need a third party app to make this happen. If anyone knows it, TELL ME PLEASE.
  2. THANK YOU! Now a new question... How do I get to that screen??? lol I just gave it a quick go but I'm not seeing it... Is it on-line or in my app? I don't see it in either. Sorry to be such an idiot.
  3. Dear Community: I have spent HOURS trying to find an answer for this so PLEASE don't flame me if I missed it. I really tried! I have been using Evernote Premium on a Mac Retina 5k for a little over a year now and have noticed that recently it is auto-tagging one particular web-clipping. Not any others, just this one. I clip a lot of news articles, and for some reason, whenever I clip from the Washington Post, it auto-tags it for me! Which is AWESOME. But I can't figure out how to replicate it! I don't even know how it started! Can anyone tell me? THANK YOU! ~ Annie
  4. Is it just my imagination or did a tag just auto populate based on the URL? I just saved a simplified page from The Washington Post and my Washington Post tag was just... there. Just POOF! Inserted. NOT complaining. It's AWESOME. But... is that a thing now? And if it isn't, is it a preference? Or COULD it be? HUGELY helpful.
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