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  1. I would! I would like the option to have it auto-tag url's & names. For instance: www.nytimes.com should always tag "NYTimes" (or however I want to note it. Let me decide the vernacular). I would also like names to be extracted. Evernote should be able to scan for "John Smith" and if "John Smith" is found, give me options to decide on THAT vernacular: "John Smith" or better, "Smith, John." I would also like the date of the article to be automatically tagged as "2017-11-03" for November 3, 2017. Seems to me this is an easy bit of coding. Certainly the URL and date scan is. We shou
  2. THANK YOU! Now a new question... How do I get to that screen??? lol I just gave it a quick go but I'm not seeing it... Is it on-line or in my app? I don't see it in either. Sorry to be such an idiot.
  3. Dear Community: I have spent HOURS trying to find an answer for this so PLEASE don't flame me if I missed it. I really tried! I have been using Evernote Premium on a Mac Retina 5k for a little over a year now and have noticed that recently it is auto-tagging one particular web-clipping. Not any others, just this one. I clip a lot of news articles, and for some reason, whenever I clip from the Washington Post, it auto-tags it for me! Which is AWESOME. But I can't figure out how to replicate it! I don't even know how it started! Can anyone tell me? THANK YOU! ~ Annie
  4. Is it just my imagination or did a tag just auto populate based on the URL? I just saved a simplified page from The Washington Post and my Washington Post tag was just... there. Just POOF! Inserted. NOT complaining. It's AWESOME. But... is that a thing now? And if it isn't, is it a preference? Or COULD it be? HUGELY helpful.
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