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  1. Version 6.13 (455674 App Store) This is a minor issue but is clearly not how it should work. When I go into my inbox and I have notes on the left and the note selected on the right and select the "Inbox" at the top of the note selected so I can move it will not bring up the notebooks selection window. This only happens right after I have another notebook. To get around it, I select another note in the left pane then reselect the original note. Then the select "Inbox" and the notebook selection window pops up. Take care Kevin
  2. Same for me. I was able to annotate the first page. I'm running 6.10 beta 2 and OS X 10.12.1 Beta. Interestingly if I position pdf document between pages I can drag a shape over on to the next page and release the mouse. The box stays only on the original page, but I can then annotate the next page. I was able to do this with arrows, shapes, and the highlighter. Stamps between pages did not seem to allow me to annotate the next page below.
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