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  1. I'm trying Evernote instead of Google Drive, but the one glaring shortcoming I've come across so far is that I can't write notes in a live document. I'm a copywriter and I need to be able to build big brainstorming documents, edit drafts and make notes on submitted drafts constantly. In Google Drive I can seamlessly select a word or section, right click it and add a note that highlights and hovers. Then If I want to later I can go back and resolve the note, makes changes within the document etc. The extra step of having to change what I'm working on into a PDF, which freezes the document, and then add permanent notes is really cumbersome and frustrating. It also builds clutter in my notebook, which slows down my workflow. Can someone from Evernote please let me know if this is something you're working on. I'm paying for Premium, but second guessing my decision when I get more features for free with Google Drive. Please tell me this is in the works! Thanks!
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