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  1. I just bumped into the 250 limit after having been on the free edition since 2012. A couple of months ago I committed to to the upgrade and to integrate more fully into my business along with OneNote. I waited looking for pitfalls but hit this one after I upgraded. The tag approach is too sloppy of an organizational form for me. I like the tree form. I like EverNote for clipping so I suspect I'll use it for clipping and maybe export to OneNote. I tend to agree with the gentleman that costs and user demand are not strong enough. I like the Wall Street Journal clipping and that is a big driver but in reality I don' t see this is a must have tool unless further development at a quicker pace takes place. There are a lot of tools companies looking to get a critical mass then sell for a big payout. Look in the task management space. You generally need multiple tools to get what you want. Most are not worth the premium features so you use two free versions to get what you want and that works until they close down or get bought and jack up the price higher than the functional value is worth. Maybe EN is different since it has been around for awhile. I deviated from the topic but the 250 limit is really taxing and I'm not sure I can make this fit how I use it. I do a lot of research in stock analysis and create folders for each company, sector, economy etc.
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