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  1. Thank your for your answer. But don't you think as well this would be a nice tool to switch forward and backwards without creating links all over the notes? ToC is also a great tool for presentation but every time creating new links just to go back to the ToC doesn't seem the right way for me...
  2. In Presentation Mode I can move forward or backwards with (ctrl + arrow) if I have selectet several notes. But when I use a link (from one note to another one) it doesn't work anymore. In my and all other collegues opinion (pilot project: PH Zürich, Switzerland - "using Evernote for teaching") this is essential - otherwise the presentation mode doesn't make sense to use at university, high school or any other class. With a Table of content you could have like an order of events and switch easly to your next note. A simply arrow back to the previous note would open a whole new level of opportu
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