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  1. Hi! i detected a bug in Evernote on Mac (Version 6.13.1). The Problem is, that when i select the Side List View inside a notebook, sometimes the notes are not showen. Please fix this, because it is my favorite List View. Steps to Reproduce create two notebooks add them to the shortcuts select Side List View add notes to one notebook let the other empty click on the empty notebook in the shortcuts click on the other notebook with notes in the shortcuts
  2. Everytime i create a notebook it's automatically sharing the book with a contact that i shared another notebook. Right Click -> New Notebook -> "checkbox is private" i submit and then it shares the notebook
  3. Hey, i noticed a bug which is automatically sharing a Notebook after creating it. I don't want to share them..... Anyone else having this issue? And yes, i clicked "private" in my checkboxes and also haven't selected any contact to share it.
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