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  1. I HATE this new version of Evernote. Removal of clipping options and tagging ability, no "simplify formatting," its SLOW, and..... I just paid for another year in July. It's expensive and replaceable, mostly, but sharing note/books is important and it does that. At this point, I'm going to start looking for a replacement again. It's mostly unusable. Don't get me wrong - there are some things that are better, I can see tags in a note without needing to open it up - but I didn't really need that. I'm supposed to update my Mac, also? No thanks.
  2. Re: the shortcuts issue. This accidentally worked (was trying to resolve the same problem) - remove and then add the shortcut link to the sidebar. Right click on "shortcuts" to remove, then right click on the sidebar to bring up the context menu, add "shortcuts." My shortcuts showed up as expected after doing this.
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