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  1. Either stay or go. Evernote has posted its position on this and that is that. All this useless speculation is totally counter productive. I'm done with this thread. So much fear mongering and FUD.
  2. I don't think Evernote is going to change their minds because a handful of people are complaining about "Perceived" security issues. If their subscriptions begin to fall dramatically then they may listen to the vocal minority, but until then its all going to happen. Most companies go through some of this type of change. Some people will switch services, most will not. Evernote will continue until someone buys them up. And it is very likely to be a company like Google to do it.
  3. Yes if they are unable to use the service, without doing something illegal, then the remainder of their subscription should be refunded. Its not like they are asking for their money back because they don't like the move to Google cloud.
  4. I have been using everything I can that Google offers to try and make my life easier to keep track of personal and business information. Having the ability to see my data on any devices has been fantastic. They I found Evernote preinstalled on my phone. Thought I would give it a try. Love it, love learning to do more and more with it. It is so much easier than using Google stuff. I'm not concerned about Google being able to see my data. I'm not a crack dealer nor a crook of any type. Nor am I a paranoid "they are all out to get us" type person. If I have information that I don't want out in the net, I don't put it on the net at all, Evernote or anything. Paranoia is paranoia, there is nothing that Evernote can say that will keep those sorts of people happy. If you are so worried about Google, why are you not worried that Evernote is mining your data a selling it? It is in the same realm of possibility. I'm hoping that Evernote does being to integrate more with all the other Google features, Maps, Calendar....... The more integrated they are the more I can do with less work. Happy me!!!
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