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  1. I am a long time Evernote user. I have thoroughly loved using it to organize various aspects of my life from my doctoral program endeavors, to buying a home, to wedding planning. It's pretty much my "go to" ap! This recent decision, while presenting several up sides highlighted in the notification, seems to have significant potential down sides. Similar to others, I don't trust Google and certainly do not turn to them for security of my personal data. Admittedly, this may be an uninformed automatic bias, but it is present nonetheless! While I appreciate the idea of a more stable platform (as there is some crashing experienced, but it is rare and only on my old iPad), I need a bit more information. The article notes that there are several companies that use Google's Cloud services. I recall Coca Cola and Spotify were two examples. May I ask if there any examples of companies that use Google's Cloud services with secure data needs? While I'm sure many of us aren't storing social security numbers and whatnot, there still may be a bit more sensitive data that users put into Evernote than what Coca Cola and Spotify (*hopefully*) have collected. Or at least a wider variety of sensitive data. Thank you.
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