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  1. Finally, I delete the tag which caused the trouble, and it synced successfully. Thank you, @gazumped
  2. Will the database be lost if Evernote is uninstalled?
  3. Synchronization is successful on PC A, while syncing on PC B, after sync failure, it noticed that sync error due to the PC client error. And, on PC B, some of my tags are duplicated since synchronization. How to fix the sync failure and get my tags on PC B right? P.S. tags on PC A and web seem to be OK
  4. Tags on PC A cannot be synced to the web and the other PC B, some of which are unused. I have tried to sync on PC A over and over again, and try to see if those tags appear on the web or PC B, but in vain.
  5. Thanks for your suggestion. It really helps:)
  6. Thanks for your reply. And next time I will take your advice to save new page. For the pages that I have already saved, could you tell me how to get these lost pictures back?
  7. After deleting one duplicated tag (resulting from syncing error) on my computer A and syncing on both computers (A and B), the notes lost that tag, and the tag and the duplicated one disappear simutaneously on my computer B, which really frustrates me since I could no longer pick these notes out with the tag QAQ How to recover the tag for those notes? Many thanks
  8. When I use the hotkey "win-a" of evernote to clip some images on facebook, those pictures are stored and displayed in the note, although sometimes the image might be in the wrong place due to the original webpage layout. However, after a few days, those pictures are lost and only broken icon which is attached is displayed. Could anyone help me to solve this problem?
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