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  1. These are matters of taste, not trust nor of technical merit. I like Google+ and consider it superior to Facebook in design, intuitive interface, and functionality; and, I can't stand Google Photos -- it's one of the worst photo management tools I've ever used (and I've used quite a few). None of that is relevant when evaluating the decision by Evernote to move from self-hosted servers to Google's cloud solution. Many relevant concerns have been "asked and answered" (repeatedly) and probably could have been addressed better in Evernote's announcement. People are still asking/expressing concerns about things that have already been thoroughly answered because irrelevant observations and speculative tangents (e.g., whether Google might someday acquire Evernote) make the thread unwieldy for anyone reading it to better understand how the change might affect them and their data. And, as with this and some previous comments from others, it's now sliding down into meta-discussion. It would be great if existing answers were read and only new questions were asked.
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