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  1. It's the job of pr pros to cultivate relationships with reporters to gain favorable news coverage so we're not too far apart.
  2. Indeed. A testament to their very excellent PR department. http://www.apple.com/pr/
  3. I will but right now I'm fascinated by everyone else's obsession with it.
  4. Some people wrote that they don't trust Google. But Microsoft and Amazon are selling the same service. Do you trust them? Why would you trust any of them? If Evernote hadn't announced the change would you even know? Evernote is such a small corner of online privacy. Our medical records are online. Government at multiple levels stores our tax returns online. These are a lot more sensitive than my latest to-do list. If my hospital system or insurance company is using Google's Cloud, they haven't announced it. That doesn't mean they aren't. I'm worried about online privacy but Evernote is not significant enough to me to spend a lot of time thinking about it.
  5. I see no reason to trust anyone I don't know personally so that doesn't enter into it. I assume everyone is untrustworthy and behave accordingly.
  6. I wasn't addressing the trustworthiness of Evernote, only that he said that he wanted to see Evernote post a user benefit. They did. To be frank, I'm mostly following this thread with fascination watching how much people are putting into this discussion. If I wasn't happy with Evernote, I'd just delete it and move on, but that's just me.
  7. Here's the original announcement: "With Google Cloud Platform, Evernote will gain significant improvements in performance, security, efficiency, and scalability. " Those sound like benefits to me.
  8. I am well-versed in GTD having read David Allen's original book and watched training videos of his years ago. I haven't bought David Allen's recent book on Evernote nor have I used The Secret Weapon methodology. I developed my own over time. The Secret Weapon recommends something David Alllen suggests we avoid and that is, taking the time to prioritize each task. He suggests that you look at each contextual list and make an intuitive choice based on your current situation. He believes, and I agree, that things are coming at us too fast and one input can throw off our carefully constructed priorities. That makes sense to me. I will say though that one of the best things about GTD is there are only a few basic concepts and their is a lot of room for individuality. So if it works for you, that's fine. Personally, I only use the notebooks for project sorting and that's optional. I could function with no notebooks at all. I keep my list of tags to a minimum and apply only 1-3 tags to each note. Using saved searches I can slice my lists several different ways but not too many. Simplicity is an important feature to me. It's the saved search feature that drives my GTD system.
  9. OrbWeaver wrote: " As far as putting stuff into a manila folder for safekeeping, it's probably easier to break into your office safe than to break into a secure server." I made the comment about putting my most sensitive information in a manila folder on my desk but I'm not especially mistrustful of Google. The point was that anything online is technically hackable if only because it's accessible. While it's true that it's easier to break into my office than into a secure server, it's much harder to find and in any case, a much further trip than any hacker is willing to fly and drive. It's easier to tap on a keyboard than travel long distances. Trust as a security measure makes no sense anyway. Why trust Evernote but not Google? They're just name brands with employees, some good and some probably not-so-good.
  10. For anyone similarly concerned that they might do business with a company using Google's Cloud platform, here's a partial list. Domino's (the whole world could learn our topping preferences), Evite (Going to a party this weekend? Google might know where!), Khan Academy (Could report you to the NSA for taking classes useful to hackers), Stanford University’s Center of Genomics and Personalized Medicine (the privacy pitfalls are endless) . The list goes on. https://cloud.google.com/customers/
  11. So would they refund money based on people saying they are moving to China or should they require proof? What if I spend 6 weeks in China and come back? Would I get a partial prorated refund during the period it's unavailable to me? The refund for going to China suggestion seems pretty impractical.
  12. My critical data is unhackable. It written on legal pad pages and sits in a manila folder on my desk. The stuff I put into Evernote could end up on the front page of the New York Times and I wouldn't care. If it's online it's vulnerable no matter if it's on Evernote's servers or Google's.
  13. I seriously hope that our data on Evernote isn't being compromised. No telling what would happen if my to-do list ever got out.
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