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  1. Can you add your own notes when clipping article and saving it as a note? Also, can you clip multiple pieces of an article and have it save into 1 note?
  2. I'll check. What do I want it set up to? Jpg?
  3. I used a scanner to scan the document...then dragged and dropped it into the new note. Whatever was done was done automatically.
  4. I saved the file and dragged and dropped it into the new note. Then it automatically turned it into a PDF.
  5. How do I upload my handwritten notes as an image file where it will be able to be processed?
  6. When I open a note that I put a handwritten document in, it shows a pdf and then I need to click on it to open the page I scanned. I tried using the "Search" feature to search for a keyword within this document, but it didn't work. Is it because of the way it loaded? Is there a different way I need to do this? See attached image.
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