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  1. Will we read soon that Google bought out Evernote? If we had access to private financial accounts would we find that some Evernote officers and key folks have or will have deeper pockets because of this change? Just wondering. I love and appreciate many Google apps and services. Who doesnt? The world is probably a better place educationally and practically for Google's presence. But they seem to be as whim-led as strategically led. They start great services and drop them as soon as we followers adopt and their financial suggest it isnt profitable or some leader gets in another whim. Yes indeedy, Google's stock in trade is data which they mine brilliantly. As a sceptical old person who lived through Hitler's heyday - I avoid using Google storag services simply because they do mine some data now, because they appear whim led and because (the more history I live, the more) I distrust big business. Realistically, what is to keep Google from changing their mind as to keeping my information private in future? What is to keep them from dropping Evernote as an app or as a client? When/if Google buys out the Evernote we've come to count on - all agreements and promises made today could change drastically. This crusty old cynic will be looking for an alternative to Evernote, or keeping notes locally. Evernote is a good app but never more than 85%% thrilled me anyway, even after going Premium. I just find it never met all the hype it gets. I use it mainly from iOS devices so have wondered if that may be the contributing reason. The OCR for me has been very spotty and many clippings never get transfered at all. The title do but the selected content does not. Thats my two cents for what its worth. Thanks for letting me say my piece.
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