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  1. I've had the same experience. The search feature is an inconsistent mess. You can do a normal search and it will pull up notes containing that term, but then doing a command + F search inside the note to find the specific location of that term will yield nothing.
  2. I'm using evernote premium on mac and I'm finding the annotate feature to be a huge burden. Why does the annotate window close and save whenever I switch to another program or window? This is a terrible feature that prevents me from checking other information and switching back to my note to continue annotations. Not only does my annotation window close, but I'm also put back to the very beginning of PDF, forcing me to click annotate again, and scroll all the way back to my previous page of the 100+ page PDF I was on. This is similar to another issue with Evernote never saving my place in a note if I switch to a different note. It just resets to the first page forcing me to scroll through and find where I was, wasting a lot of time. Is there any way around these issues? This is a feature I miss from onenote...
  3. Text is searchable in powerpoint and adobe. Is there some way I could convert the powerpoint file into something else that will be searchable in evernote?
  4. Correct. The original text isn't really in an image; the original file is a powerpoint and all of this desired text is in diagrams, BUT it is all searchable if opened in powerpoint. In evernote it is converted to a PDF and most of the text will not appear on a command + F search. However, in my screenshot of the image as a note, I can find the text with command + F despite this being an image. I'm more confused because the general search function will pull up the PDF, so it must "know" the specific text is in that PDF, but it can't find the text with a command + F search.
  5. Thanks for the reply. To be more specific... when I search for the term, evernote pulls up the original note and the quick note that contains a screenshot from the original note. When I open the quick note and perform a command + F search within the note, I'm able to jump to the specific page in the note containing the term. However, in the original note, command + F finds nothing, despite containing the exact same image with the exact same written term which was detected by the general search function. The PDF should be searchable by now since it has been uploaded for about 2 weeks.
  6. I'm pretty frustrated noticing that evernote fails to find text within an image of a PDF file, but will detect that exact same text if I screenshot the same image (for example in a quicknote screen capture). It seems the program is capable of finding text where I thought it couldn't. Is there something about the PDF format that prevents evernote from searching for text in the PDF's images? I'm also using evernote premium for Mac if that matters.
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