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  1. OK. I've been online but I still cannot delete the empty folder. Not a problem, I will just ignore it. But more importantly there are no longer any of my main folders, the ones I want to work with so it looks like I have what I want. So in effect, apart from the undeleted folder there is no trace of my 'current stuff' on line so it does look as though I'm no longer synching my data.
  2. Yes, emptied trash, but I still have a folder which I transferred some notes from into a new local folder but the delete is greyed out so I cannot delete it. All my other folders are now local. The one I can't delete is a synced folder though. My account says twelve days to reset. But I don't want to sync anything, I back up to two USB discs on a daily basis. I have unticked all the options in Tools/Options/Sync. I also just rebooted again and this time the 'exceeded monthly limit' has not appeared. Am I misunderstanding something? If I am not syncing any data the monthly limit is irrelevant isn't it? Thanks for assistance!
  3. I'm using Windows 10 Anniversary, latest build 1607 and Evernote (303788) Public. I Also double checked, all my notebooks are Local.
  4. Update. I had one folder that was marked as synched so I created a new local folder and moved all the data across then deleted the now empty original folder. I closed EN down and restarted but i still get the message saying that I have exceeded the monthly limit. How can I stop this messge?
  5. As I didn't want to use synch I turned it off thinking that I would be then using local folders but every time I enter EN I get a message that I have exceeded my monthly limit? How can I stop this please? I haven't used EN for some time but thought I would make use of the data I already have. Have I missed a setting somewhere? Thanks
  6. Hi gazumped, I had a look and found 3 startup folders, don't know why but I deleted two of them leaving just the one then I followed your link and made sure the right EN tray exe was in there, it wasn't so I added it and rebooted. The tray icon still did not show so I went into Task Manager and found the EN tray icon was disabled. Re-enable and it now starts up each time! So thanks for the assistance, I'm obliged.
  7. . I always have to open Evernote manually even though I have set Evernote to start with Window (10-Anniversary). How can I fix this please? 6.3.3 (303502). Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the link! The one I like the look of is Free OCR! I note the possible malware but also saw that the article was dated March 2012 so I wonder if that still applies re malware?
  9. I've been using Scanitto OCR which isn't bad at all really, it seems to make quite a good job of recognition. I've processed about 4 docs so far that EN can search so I'm on the right track!
  10. OK, thanks, but as I will be using a local folder I'm assuming thaEN won't be able to OCR it which is why I'm doing it as above.
  11. I've been trialing SodaPDF which does allow me to scan and OCR a copied document, it is fiddly but I can then convert it to Word which still keeps all the pdf formatting so I've been copying the text into a Word 'look-alike' which is then accepted by EN. And as I only want to use a local notebook that would appear to be mty best option, although I will need to spend out on SodaPDF! Unless there are any free PDF to Word converters (off-line) that is? Thanks for your guidance, much appreciated!
  12. Thanks all. Local notebook created and all relevant notes transferred. Can EN search within .pdf files? It looks as though they have to be converted for search to work.
  13. I had forgotten all about Local notebook! I started using EN in 2008 and I had stopped using it for a long time but now it seems the best option for note-keeping, better than One Note. I'm finding the latest GUI a lot different from what I remember. As I said earlier, I do have two external drives to back up to and I also use two imaging programs, Veeam and Macrium Reflect. Thanks DTLow.
  14. How do I make a notebook offline? By stopping all synch actions? This is personal data I'm playing with here so I would prefer not to synch anyway with this stuff. Thanks EdH.
  15. I'm only using my laptop with Evernote. I'm on the basic plan and I've run out of space for this month. I assume that means my space on the server after notes have been synched. Can I just use Evernote without using synch? I'm fairly sure I used to do that years ago when I first joined? I ought to be able to manage my backups to an external disk along with everything else.
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