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  1. OK. I've been online but I still cannot delete the empty folder. Not a problem, I will just ignore it. But more importantly there are no longer any of my main folders, the ones I want to work with so it looks like I have what I want. So in effect, apart from the undeleted folder there is no trace of my 'current stuff' on line so it does look as though I'm no longer synching my data.
  2. Yes, emptied trash, but I still have a folder which I transferred some notes from into a new local folder but the delete is greyed out so I cannot delete it. All my other folders are now local. The one I can't delete is a synced folder though. My account says twelve days to reset. But I don't want to sync anything, I back up to two USB discs on a daily basis. I have unticked all the options in Tools/Options/Sync. I also just rebooted again and this time the 'exceeded monthly limit' has not appeared. Am I misunderstanding something? If I am not syncing any data the monthly limit is irrelevant isn't it? Thanks for assistance!
  3. I'm using Windows 10 Anniversary, latest build 1607 and Evernote (303788) Public. I Also double checked, all my notebooks are Local.
  4. Update. I had one folder that was marked as synched so I created a new local folder and moved all the data across then deleted the now empty original folder. I closed EN down and restarted but i still get the message saying that I have exceeded the monthly limit. How can I stop this messge?
  5. As I didn't want to use synch I turned it off thinking that I would be then using local folders but every time I enter EN I get a message that I have exceeded my monthly limit? How can I stop this please? I haven't used EN for some time but thought I would make use of the data I already have. Have I missed a setting somewhere? Thanks
  6. Dragging on to the icon is not allowed but if I drag the file into a New note it is accepted but all that happens is that Organizer opens up. The file is named Mikeorg.or6 which is the .exe that opens the program. So I can see all my calendar stuff in Evernote but only in Organizer.
  7. Well, as you know, the .ics file will contain, in this case, about 800 notes from Organizer and if I were able to import them I would expect them to be dispersed into either one or more notebooks in Evernote as individual notes. This is what happened when I imported into One Note. I'm mainly trying to put together a lot of health information, letters, scan results and so on but I couldn't see a way to export Calendar entries with 'Health' tag so the file contains everything in Calendar which I would be able to sort out later. Hope that makes sense! Oh yes, I already have 3 notebooks in Evernote.
  8. Thanks for your response DTLow, unfortunately I don't understand your reply! I'm not into programming and I'm using Windows 10. I was hoping that someone who uses Evernote could maybe point me towards how to do it, or even if it is possible! But thanks anyway.
  9. I have about 15 years of Calendar notes from the above that I am keen to import into Evernote. I have exported all this data as an .ics file and managed to import it into Essential PIM but I really want to get it into Evernote! The only import options I am offered are Microsoft On Note and Evernote Export files. I tried importing the .ics file into OneNote but there was no way I could see to import even! Any suggestions as to how I can get all this stuff into Evernote will be very welcome! Thanks.
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