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  1. I'll upvote the idea! I like the idea of Evernote doing math, it saves time in a way, not having to go to a calculator or open up another program.
  2. Hello! Thank you for your reply. I should have mentioned in my post that I'm pretty new to using Evernote (I've only had for like half a school year), I didn't know that creating a Table of Contents was possible. I will definitely look up more ways to use Evernote now that I have the time. The example with a lot of notes was really a more personal thing (visually it got confusing at times, like when the teacher started a lecture right away and I had to quickly scroll down to find the right note, as he sometimes went back to previous lessons and added to them). We didn't have a
  3. As a person who is slightly (ok, maybe extremely) obsessed with organization, I love the Windows library option where you can make sub-folders, sub-sub-folders, etc. While I very much enjoy the idea of stacks and notebooks in Evernote, sometimes I do feel a bit limited when it comes to organization. I used to use Evernote only for school, but now I would like to extend its use to not only school, and my part-time jobs, and having sub-folders in the notebooks would be a great help. Here's an example: Last year, I had a "School" stack. In that stack, I had my "Philosophy" noteboo
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