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  1. Hi, I have a feature request to be able to add an email list to send a note or list to when created. This way when a user creates a note they can add a list of emails to send the note to when they are ready to send the note. You can import/link individual or all contacts into Evernote from Google or Microsoft Live or any of the other services that come to mind that keep contacts in their services. Then a user can choose which emails from the list of contacts to send the note or list too. I believe this will enhance the user experience and will broaden the scope and marketing of Evernote by giving all the recipients of the note or list an option within the email to subscribe to Evernote. It doesn't need to just be a feature for paid users only, either, because Evernote will be improving their marketing because all recipients will have a link to purchase a subscription or sign up to Evernote.
  2. Hi, As an avid evernote user going on 2-3 years now I have been using the Web client mostly for my work when it is most convenient. I and I'm sure most of the other users who use Evernote on Mac and PCs would appreciate the same features on the web client for all browsers as they get on their desktop/laptop client where they are forced to download to get all the features in the desktop client. I know apps are becoming the thing of the future but a full fledged web client would be useful too if your developers have the time to modify the web client to act as well as the desktop/laptop client. Just a suggestion for the future as it will make all our lives easier if we can just go to the web client instead of using the apps for our desktop.
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