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  1. Yes sir i have already tried but its extremely time consuming and lengthy. I wish i could just select a piece of text on a web page on chrome android and save it as a note with the URL of the web page getting embedded in the note info automatically just the way it happens on desktop clipper instead of doing it manually which is inefficient. Thanks for the reply Sir. If there's a solution sometime in the future then please do message me. Thank you !!
  2. Another similar discussion ! But no solution to my problem . Folks please help !!
  3. I open a web page on chrome on android. I select text and then using share symbol I select Evernote and then save it as note. But when I go to the note the URL of the web page from where i clipped the selection ( text ) is no where to be seen. The same thing done on windows using evernote web clipper would also embed the URL in the note info. Please help. I want the text selection to be saved along with URL for later reference. This doesn't happen on android. Help ! Exact same query posted by another member.That query has not been resolved too. Please check link below.
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