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  1. Hey there, Evernote, I've been using Evernote for a while now and I use it many times a day, often on many different formats (iPad, iPhone, the application for Mac, and the online version), although my main use of it is through using the downloadable app for Mac. Although there are times when I will switch over to a different platform just to perform a certain task I feel either the iPhone version or the online platform do a better job at. This can of course be time consuming and also frustrating, but I feel that they are two features the Evernote app would be better if it had: I will switch over to the online version mainly because of the fact that I can make the note that I'm writing full-screen on the home page view. Although this is a small task I do feel that with having all of my notes as a sidebar next to the note that I'm writing I'll oftentimes be distracted by their content. The task I'll switch over to the iPhone application far is to edit a link in a note so that it does not display the hyperlink, but the title I want that link to be. (i.e. https://evernote.com/?var=c vs. Evernote Home Page). This seems like a such a simple task that I think I might just missing this option, but it's something that's not obvious when I click to insert a link in a note. (Below I have included a picture of the "expand" button for a note in the online version, which is exactly what I wish the application had.) Those are my only two gripes about the application for the Mac. Otherwise I think the platform is wonderful and I thank you, Evernote team, for your wonderful platform. Thanks for your consideration!
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