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  1. Thanks for the advice. seems to me that it is a great way for evernote to expand, because I've only used the app for a week now, and if it digitally time stamped each entry into the note itself, and maybe have an option you so you can't alter the previous notes. This is the way of the future if they could provide this. because I find myself it is way faster to pull out evernote during the day to record certain items, speed and connivence put this app at the top of the list, I am using Mac products to run Evernote I have also consulted local legal advice about this, and i am awaiting a response. as my role of a Supervisor, in the Construction industry. This would be a superior app for record keeping. as long as evernote can come up with a option, that when viewed from a judges eyes. will not be turned away due to the fact you can go in and alter the notes after they are set. Which is very handy! and would be the reason why you would need to have it as an option.
  2. I am thinking about having myself and my site foreman use evernote to increase note quality and speed. In our industry we are legally required to keep a note book of our daily activities. My question is 1. can you get evernote to time stamp each time a entry is entered other than the main time stamp. 2. Does any one know if digital note taking is admissible in court, for example: Little johnny was told and documented 3 times to wear his harness. He didn't listen and now has had a major incident. when going through the court system we will need to be able to provide proof that we told him, IE notebook.
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