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  1. I am sad to hear this, and sorry to see it happening. Of course there will be many users who are not bothered by this, but I unfortunately do not believe this is the right way to go for me and how I planned to integrate Evernote into my Business. I try my best to keep out of Google's reach as like other posters have said, I do not trust them. I also think this is potentially good for Evernote's technical growth but there also maybe a financial benefit to them doing this too. But, Evernote are a business and are here to make profit too, it is their decision to follow their strategies. We as users get to choose if we follow. I believe that Evernote expect fall out from this announcement, and I for one will start to fall out by looking at alternative options and changing my workflow accordingly. It is a shame because I have only really started testing out the capabilities of Evernote and I really like what I've experienced so far and I've not even scratched the service. I am not hating or trolling on Evernote with this post, it is just a personal choice based on how I feel I want to work. Sorry Evernote, it's jus the wrong move for me.
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