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  1. Guess we found the root to the problem then. As many users will be updating to Sierra (or already has), the Evernote team should fix this issue asap! Hopefully they are already aware of it
  2. Okay I really need to solve this, as it seems this is only an issue for me then? I took some screenshots to illustrate the issue, one with the note that has a pdf file in it, and two of how it looks when I open (double click) the pdf, which opens in mac Preview, and the alert I get when I try to change something in the pdf. Notice how I used Preview's Highlight feature on some text, and how Preview then say that I am not allowed to make changes to the document, and therefor it created a copy for me. My current workflow (same for all file types, not just pdf's...) is that after I
  3. I will try to use Google documents more also for this reason, but the biggest issue is pdf files. I'm not very satisfied with the editing capabilities and workflow of annotations in Evernote, and often find myself opening a pdf in macOS's Preview to easily highlight text and add notes, and keep track in the sidebar of all my highlights and notes. Opening a pdf in Preview has a lot more useful pdf features, where as Evernotes Annotations seems more to just for decorating your pdf, and less about keeping track of your notes and annotations, while keeping a good pdf reading experience (like you c
  4. Seems to be all documents, but most importantly pdf files and word documents
  5. One of the biggest improvements I could wish for, is being able to open a document from a note in Evernote (like double clicking a pdf or word document that is inline in one of my notes), then being able to make changes to it, and being able to Save it like any normal file, and know that the change I made is updated in the note from where I opened the file. Currently any change I make to a file I'm asked to save it as a new file when I click Save, and then manually move it in and replace the old file in my notes, with the updated one. Evernote should be able to hold all my relevant f
  6. One request that would save a lot of time when formatting and styling our notes, would be the ability to copy/paste a text style, using the known ⌘⌥+C (to copy) and ⌘⌥+V (to paste) a text style. This hotkey is generally available in most other MacOS native applications that deal with styled text, like Mail, TextEdit, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Notes, etc., and other non native apps, including graphic design apps, where it can also be applied to object and shape styles (not limited to text styles).
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