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  1. Hi Guys!Just switched my business over to using 365 and outlook.Got everything set up pretty spot on but just have a couple of small issues.If I create a reminder using Evernote on my phone, it automatically updates the outlook calender on my phone. But this does NOT show on the outlook calender on my desktop Windows 10 pc.If I create an appointment on outlook calender on my phone manually, then it DOES show on my windows outlook calender. This says that outlook is communicating fine between phone and computer, but for some reason the pc wont display evernote information?
  2. Currently using evernote on my Samsung S7 edge. It works fantastically with my outlook calender on my phone however any calender entry made through Evernote does NOT update the outlook calender on my windows 10 computer. So, evernote and out look both on the s7 work fine. Outlook s7 syncs with outlook windows 10 fine. Evernote calender entries made on the s7 don't show on the calender on windows 10? Am i missing something obvious? Thanks in advance Max
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