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  1. Hello, I stored everything (both private and business) in my premium account for years, which ran perfectly as long as I only needed access. Now there's a co worker (and more on the way) who should also be able to consult that data… we resolved it for a while via shared notebooks, which by the way worked fine. Why business now? I'm struggling with my health and don't know how much longer I can manage the Evernote accounts myself smoothly… that's why I try to automate as much data storage and processing as possible… and make sure that it continues to work when, for example, my personal accounts disappear.
  2. thanks, but that's not really the solution I'm looking for ... My intention is to use my personal premium account exclusively for personal data in the future and the business account for all business stuff ... so no more switching between personal & business
  3. Hello, thank you for your comment. The applescript does indeed work as long as I stay within the "personal premium environment". As soon as I refer in the script to a notebook that is in my business account, however, it goes wrong and the note is created in the standard notebook on my personal premium account. And the intention is to create the note in a particular notebook in the business account. Peter
  4. Hello everyone, I have a personal premium account for years and recently a business account, they both run on iMac, iPhone & iPad. I am now trying to automatically import certain files into Evernote via Hazel, which partly succeeds, i.e. the files are indeed imported but always in the default notebook of my personal account ... and I want to see those files appear in a certain space and notebook on my business account. Anyone any idea if this is possible? Thanks in advance, Peter
  5. I understand it has something to do with the option key but how do "program" it in a "Function Key" in my sytem preferences? (sorry picture in dutch, I'm from Belgium)
  6. Thanks, but that not what I'm loocking for (and frankly it's a bit to complicated for me )
  7. Hello, I'm searching for way te make a shortkey (let's say F19 for example) to copy a classic note-link in Mac OS 10.12.06 - Evernote 6.11.1 to Omnifocus 2.10 Composing a shortkey to copy a note-link is no problem, but that link always takes me to the Evernote web app… and that's very annoing. Hope some can help, Peter
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