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  1. I think it depends on which Chromebook you get. If you get one which is Play Store compatible (which is pretty much all of the more recent ones) then yes you should be able to use both the Play Store and web versions. If however you end up with one of that isn't Play Store compatible then it would be web only. Given the extra functionality across all apps that Play Store brings I would strongly recommend that you try and make sure that you get one that is Play Store compatible.
  2. Thanks for the further response. I don't believe that I have a Chromebook version so have just tried uninstalling the existing Play Store version before going through the "Find more stylus apps" route into the Play Store and re-installed it. Unfortunately it hasn't made a difference. Good suggestion though!! If you have any other great ideas then please do let me know.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am already using the play store version. It is exactly that which I want to use as the default note taking app.
  4. I have a new HP Chromebook X2 which comes with a stylus. In the stylus settings menu within Chrome OS there is a way of setting a default note taking app for taking notes directly from the login screen. The only option from the drop-down is Google Keep. Is there a way of getting Evernote onto that list? Interestingly, in the settings there is an option to "Find more stylus apps". When I click that it takes me to the play store and Evernote (amongst a select band of others) appears on the list.
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