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  1. Thanks for the further response. I don't believe that I have a Chromebook version so have just tried uninstalling the existing Play Store version before going through the "Find more stylus apps" route into the Play Store and re-installed it. Unfortunately it hasn't made a difference. Good suggestion though!! If you have any other great ideas then please do let me know.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am already using the play store version. It is exactly that which I want to use as the default note taking app.
  3. I have a new HP Chromebook X2 which comes with a stylus. In the stylus settings menu within Chrome OS there is a way of setting a default note taking app for taking notes directly from the login screen. The only option from the drop-down is Google Keep. Is there a way of getting Evernote onto that list? Interestingly, in the settings there is an option to "Find more stylus apps". When I click that it takes me to the play store and Evernote (amongst a select band of others) appears on the list.
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