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  1. Got it. I'm still hunting around for the Holy Grail - a text expansion application that works on all of my platforms - Android (Evernote especially), Windows, Linux. I found the new misbehavior as I was trying to kludge together some generic text lines for keeping track of my energy ins and outs that I keep in Evernote. I used to have a boatload of TexPand macros that worked magnificently on Evernote until a change to the input methods occurred a couple of years ago. Thank you for your help, Ed Kiefer
  2. I've never changed out my keyboard. According to Settings>Language & input > Keyboards & input methods Current Keyboard == Multilingual typing - Gboard I did have Texpand on (doesn't work with Evernote any more) but the behavior remained when I turned it off, so that isn't a factor. Is there any other information that I can collect for the analysis? Thank you!
  3. Once I upgraded to Evernote for Android 8.4.1 I started to have the following problem in a text note. When editing a word in a note by first selecting it in a line: xxx yyy zzz and then if I attempt to replace it by typing a word starting with a capital letter, when I hit the Shift (up arrow) and nothing else, it gets mangled into xYyy zzz where red indicates the selection highlighting. Worse, if instead of hitting a single Shift, I hit a double shift, the results are: x Zzz If I do the same process but NOT hit the Shift, it works fine, e.g. yyy is replaced with whatever I type, xxx a zzz with NO selection highlighting turned on. My Environment: Phone: Motorola X 2nd Gen OS: Android 5.1 Please feel free to contact me if I can provide other information. Ed Kiefer
  4. All: Just downloaded the update - it works! Thank you to the Evernote Crew!
  5. I should have attached my logs. My Evernote was downloaded from Google Play, so it could possibly be uninstalled. That was verified in Settings>Apps info. Ed
  6. All: I have exactly the same issue with the recent mangling of the tool bar AFTER selecting a piece of text. If Not in Edit mode, then it displays PS A SIMPLIFY FORMATTING <the copy icon> but in EDIT mode it shows what other folks have seen, that is : PS A SIMPLIFY FORMATTING <the cut icon> Platform information: Moto X (Gen 2), Android version 5.1 Evernote: version 7.11 GA Can somebody from Evernote please look at this issue? Thank you for your time.
  7. When writing into a text note using the web interface on Chrome (either Windows 10 - version 58.0.3029.81 or Ubuntu 16.04 - version 58.0.3029.81 (64-bit)) when I type five exclamation points, the first four disappear, and the 5th is highlighted in yellow, and all text following the five exclamation points are highlighted in yellow too. This doesn't happen on the native version on Android. Update: doesn't happen on the web interface using Microsoft Edge 38.14393.1066.0 as the browser. Looks like this is may be a Chrome issue. I'm going to leave this here as a reference, and hit up Google. Ed Kiefer
  8. On my Moto 2nd Gen, I've been using Evernote for a couple of years and really depend on it. I also use TexPand for text expansion in my notes. Recently, my TexPand abbreviations only work in the Title of my Evernote notes and are not recognized in the note body text. TexPand still works with other apps. Has anybody else had a similar experience to me? Android version = 5.1, Evernote = 7.9.4 (Public), Texpand = 1.5.6 Worked fine in prior Evernote releases. Thanks!
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