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  1. Yeah, I haven't written my post well. I'm sorry. My request was regarding notes in a specific notebook, but your suggestion/work-around makes sense and it's a viable option. Thank you, Cheers
  2. Hello community, I'm a 5y+ Evernote user and I'm enjoying the experience! I might repeat with other similar requests, but that's better. My request is to have the ability to PIN a note on top of others, so it stays that way (e.g. telegrams ability to pin a chat on top). I use snippet view and I would like to have important notes pinned in the middle column. Looking forward to a solution, Greetings, CG
  3. This is an bug issue that has not been fixed. I am sorry, I did not found the "BUGS" section here. First I'd like to have more folders to create. I found I have reached 250 folders long ago and I am "suffocating". And when I delete other folders to make place for new, I cannot syncronize and I need to reinstall evernote everytime that happens. Alredy wrote to the support twice, and I you still have not taken action. I'll segregate my payment plan or search for other options for productivity management. p.s. Having first page in Russian not in international English is almost insulting for a Bulgarian. Please correct that.
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