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  1. Hello, I'm having a big problem with some missing images I added some time ago in a couple of notes. I added it some while ago, and was able to acess last week. But today I couldnt see them, and its displaying this kind of error. I added the red arrow at the screenshot to be clear. There is any way to recover thes images or I'm supposed to conform myself with the loss and don't trust Evernote as a reliable software anymore? Thank you all, Cauê
  2. Please, how can I turn on again the srolling when editing text in a note? After I downloaded the last version, i need to push downards the scrollbar everytime to see what I'm typing, and that sucks. Please help me, I couldn't find where to change it in the preferences menu.
  3. thank you so much, i swear i looked for it before posting! have a nice day
  4. Hello, Now when I open a Tag with subtags in it, the notes are all shown, mixed. I just want to see the parent tag notes, not all of them How do I proceed to navigate through the notes the old way? (please: I wouldnt like the need to check out all the boxes of subtags in the upper menu everytime I look for a note at the parent note) ----- obs: if I wasnt that clear, there`s an example: Tag: Journal (with 2 notes) - subtag 1: work journaling, with 4 notes; - subtag 2: trip journaling, with 6 different notes; - subtag 3: family journaling with 3 different notes. When I open the Journal tag, I just want to see the first 2 notes. But now when I open it, all the 15 notes are shown. How can I configure to see it the old way? Thanks, Caue
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