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  1. Hi guys! Thank you for the advice. Yes I have tried what gazumped proposed, this works. But it makes the idea of Evernote, at least for us indifferent from lets say a word document, To much work around to get it right. We are currently planning to use Evernote in the future as a checklist for our service engineers around the world where the pictures taken (Straight into the document) would be a fast way to complete their checklists. But I guess if the possibility is gone then we will have to look elsewere. The reason that we need the low resolution is because that the c
  2. Since my evernote was updated I can no longer choose to use an other camera app to take the pictures. Is there any way around this since the pictures will take to much kbs in the documents if it is the standard resolution. I have set my device camera to the lowest quality possible, but some other apps allow me to use as little as 0,3 MP. and that is a perfect size for what we need it for.
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