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  1. Of course, but I couldn't find a thread describing succinctly this (with the exception of a thread from like 5 years ago). If anybody knows of a more centralized thread about this feature, mind directing me to it? Thanks!
  2. A quick search shows me this has been discussed in different forms over the years, but can I just add that I would absolutely love to have CSS-like styles that I can define and then apply with a click from a dropdown menu? It's really tedious having to select a header in a note then pick a font size/face/other attributes. I have no consistency for between notes because I can't memorize the size, whether it was bold or not, etc. Most paid Evernote features are irrelevant for me, but I would pay for the ability to format whole notes with colors, fonts, sizing, whatever. Tha
  3. Cool, I didn't know you could put the list of shortcuts on the left side, that's great. Thanks! The reminder option sounds pretty good too, going to give that a try.
  4. I often have a note inside my folders that works as an overview of all the other notes. It would be reaaaallly nice to be able to "pin" notes so they always appear first in the list of a notebook's notes.
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