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  1. Thank you very much for your answers! So, I am taking away from this that my approach is not totally unreasonable - good. (I am having evernote induced mood swings - I am alternately elated and terrified after a big scanning session followed by a big tossing-of-papers session. Will I ever see those infos again? Will they disappear in to the dark spaces and surf around like the USS enterprise for ever, never to find their way home?) @DTLow: I think I might understand what you mean by having one parent tag - one tag that sits over every tag, could be ?all tags, i.e.- so t
  2. Dear evernote gurus I am very new to evernote, but think that I like it A LOT and that I will use it A LOT. As I hope to be using it more and more, I am trying to think of things that I should consider doing or not doing to avoid problems down the line - while keeping the free flowing feel of freedom that so delights me. So, here is my question that I would appreciate your input on : At first I was creating lots and lots of notebooks but quickly realized that this is not the way to go. Now I tag. And I love doing that. I currently have only very few notebooks - an in
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