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  1. Hi It is not only a Sony problem, search the internet now and you will see that it is a new Android feature on many phones and until it is handled between app-developers and android developers we will have huge problems. I have already reinstalled the Evernote app, but it only turned out worse - now i have even less rights in Evernote as the error prevent me from granting the rights. kind regards
  2. I have a problem with editing excel sheets as i could not edit or save the sheets. I tried to reinstall Evernote, but now it ask for permissions for everything, but i cannot give any permission as when i try to give permission, it tells me that Screen overlay detected, and turn that of first. As i cannot turn Screen overlay detected off, i can do nothing. So now Evernote is quite useless as i cannot access data attached data in Evernote, take pictures from Evernote etc. kind regards
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