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  1. +1, I hope Evernote support fold or unfold text context function !!!!!!!!
  2. It's on Windows Desktop, I record my action in the gif, I first make a screenshot and copy it, then paste in note and click, then show the "+, -" button can't be clicked:
  3. I can use Google button to login Evernote, I wonder why in the Login page of Forum there's no Google button?
  4. I click a image in note, and this window appear, but it remain in 100%, and the "+" , "-" button are disabled, can I zoom in image in this mode? Thank you.
  5. I'm using web clipper in chrome in window, if I view chrome with 100%, the bottom of web clipper will be cut when searching notes' name: I have to zoom out to 80% to show the whole web clipper: Hope web clipper can show completely on 100%, thanks!
  6. Beacuse in the older version without this button, the whole note structure is complete and clear full fill the left panel, which make me me feel more comfortable, but now this button is like to occupy a piece of territory of original territory of notes structure, so I feel disturbed. p.s. I'm not highly familiar with English now, so the use of word might not be so precise, I guess the word "obstruct" may be too strong, if I use "disturb" will be weaker and better. I describe it a bit exaggerately deliberately.
  7. Hi, I have a feature request, I hope evernote can provide the Option To Hide Add Note Button in the left upper corner, Since I know I can Use Ctrl + N to create new note, So I really really don't need this button, besides this button is very huge and obstuct my view to the structure of Notes, so I hope I can choose to hide this button, wish it can be evluated, thank you!
  8. I just download new 6.7.5 Evernote, and The Scroll Bar is too Bright that I'm feeling Dazzled and it's not harmonized, hope it can adjust to less Caontrast, can be darker or Maybe only visible while mouse entered the side bar, thank you.
  9. There're lots of notes in my notebook, sometimes if I edit a note, its order will moved upward by the program, but sometimes I edit the note which is created long time ago, it still remains in the down position, Some of Notes is frequently used and I want to keep them at top position at any time, So I hope Users can Set Notes' Order Position in the Note List by themselves, thank you.
  10. When I do some action on one note, and then I Switch to another note and do some action, and I recall the former note I want to restore some action in the former note, I switch back to the former note and press Ctrl+Z, and find it is no use, this make me feel down, So I hope the product can add all notes Ctrl+Z persistent when the evernote program not closed. Maybe I can do the Ctrl+Z by open notes in different new Window, but I hope it can work when switching Notes in Main window, it's more convenient.
  11. In my Version and I'm in zh-tw, hover on the jpg file didn't have the rotate icon, But I right click on the Image find the rotate function, thanks.
  12. I hope there's Rotate Image Function that can rotate img 90 degree, Thank you.
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