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  1. It is in shared notebook that is the most relevant place for it. Can I modify that individual note within the notebook by individually sharing it? Will it override the notebook sharing options?
  2. As I was typing I had that idea. But then it struck me how this seems like such basic feature that it should be implemented that I continued to post it. It just seems silly that you can't protect your notes...
  3. Is there a way or can there be a way to make a note not editable? Here is my use case. I have a note with important log in information that is shared with the team. Some copies that info and somehow pastes over the info. This has happened twice in this note. The info in this note should never change. I'd like to freeze it as is. It could have a password or not but it really should be an available feature to lock in content.
  4. Yup - just finally changed it in my Note 5. Here is how to make it default to pen entry: Click in the note so the keyboard pops up. Hit the "T" button. That will change it the pen entry mode. Long press the keyboard button so the options with the gear icon shows up. Hit the gear icon Scroll to the bottom of the Samsung Keyboard settings and turn Pen detection on and back out. Viola! When you go to type in a note, the default will be to have a handwriting line if you have the S-pen out of its hidey hole. I know that isn't exactly the same but I hope it helps.
  5. I was just about to post the same thing. I have used this method of text entry with the S Pen since the Note 2. I don't really know the difference between the two methods. I think you can even default the screen to pop-up with the handwriting line instead of a keyboard if you have the S Pen out.
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