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  1. Hi Greoj, Yes that is what I mean and I also have it ticked, but this is how it appears in my notes This is when I type it directly into Evernote - when I do a copy / paste job, it formats it correctly. You can see that I have a capital letter in Var and the quotes are smart quotes, not code quotes. I appreciate that Evernote is not a code editor, but is it meant to be like that? So should I use it for copy / paste? Cheers, Jeff
  2. Hi, I just changed my install to the new beta (yeah I backed up my notes) I was interested in checking out the code feature - I like that it has a shaded box, but the code still formats like normal text. Is this a finished feature (i.e. from a previous version) or is this part of the beta? Cheers, Jeff
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