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  1. Actually, it said it failed, but the notebook is there after all. Thanks again, I do appreciate all your help with this! Karma
  2. OK, Thank you. Tried this. I had to hand select them all. I selected the notebook. My options were merge, email or copy links to clipbpard. Merge failed. It copied all the links. That's it.
  3. I am using the web client, since I am working on a temporary computer (PC not MAC) and do not have the app installed. Neither of the suggestions you note seem to be enabled on the web version,
  4. Hello, I have spent a frustrating hour searching through help and forums for what should be a simple action, a simple, obvious question to answer and a simple solution. So I have 90+ notes tagged with a specific name. I want to know shift them into a notebook of their own. I created the notebook name. I can call up all the hashtags, but there seems to be no mechanism to move them all, only individually. Surely this ability must exist, but I cannot see the option in the user interface. Would someone please advise on this? Seems crazy that it can't be done. I have a free account.
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