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  1. I am aware of that but as noted in my 1st post I was NOT seeing that symbol.

    However the issue is resolved because it turns out EVERNOTE does not support INTERNET EXPLORER,  MICROSOFT EDGE or FIREFOX for this feature ONLY GOOGLE CHROME (and a couple others I do not use).


    I also found out after installing Google Chrome that you can't sync a note FROM Evernote TO Google Drive only from Google Drive TO Evernote so it doesn't help me even though I resolved the issue.

  2. Been through this with "support" for weeks.  NO, I cannot reproduce it but when it happens it ain't rocket science doing it.   This is copied from the last email I sent support on my support ticket:  Frankly., I don't want to deal with it anymore.  I'll just use my workaround,




    Really … I thought I explained it multiple times to the other person.  SIMPLE.  I change a font of ONE NOTE within a notebook.  The font remains but a few days later it simply reverts back to the default font (Tahoma).  If I change the ENTIRE NOTEBOOK’s default font  everything remains fine but ALL notes in that notebook have to be the same font.


    ALSO (separate but still formatting related issue), every once in a while a “linefeed” (ENTER to next line) goes away and merges with the next line. 



    (line 1) Ed <ENTER> 

    (line 2) Linden NJ



     (All one line)  Ed  Linden NJ

    I cannot send you the note in question and there is no way to reproduce and show you because when it does happen it happens days later.  It’s not rocket science.  I enter something in 1 note within a notebook of 6 notes, I change the font (in my case to COURIER, I come back a day or so later and the font is changed back to the ORIGINAL default font of the REST OF THE NOTEBOOK not the font I applied.  The only way I can avoid it is to make the ENTIRE NOTEBOOK the font I want to have in just ONE of the notes within the notebook.


    Someone else on your “community forum” is having the same problem.  I really don’t want to deal with it anymore.  I’ll just live with it.








  3. I enabled Google Drive in my (Premium) Evernote account on the web.  I checked my Google Drive account and it says I am connected to Evernote. I checked my Evernote connections and it says I am connected to Google Drive.

    Problem is I am unable to see the Google Drive "connection" (or whatever I am supposed to see) on my Evernote WEB  (or my Evernote PC application).  Aren't I supposed to have access to my Google Drive contents from Evernote Web or from Google Drive.  There is no Google ICON or indicator on my Evernote web login.  Can't find any option to add it either.

    What am I missing here?

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