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  1. @jefito Thanks, that is a possibility. Although I'd prefer it to be possible in landscape mode: presentation mode? Evernote, do you read me?
  2. Aah, sorry, I described my problem a little mistakable. I meant VIEW the note without sidebars. I am reading a recipe while cooking and the sidebar is in my way: screenshot attached. I understand I could go into editing mode, but then I risk to accidentally edit the recipe.
  3. I'd like a view that shows ONLY the note that I'm editing and NO sidebar on the left, so I can use the complete screen area for notetaking Is this view possible? If so, how?
  4. I am new to Evernote (Android on a Samsung Galaxy TabS) and I just entered a neww note with some text. Now I want to format some parts (bold, underlined ...). But the formatting tools do not appear! What am I doing wrong? Please see attached screenshots showing the formatting switch green or not green and no tools anywhere. BTW switching the format switch from ON (green) to OFF and vice versa doesn't always work: sometimes it does not react. Help anyone? Thnx
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