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  1. Just finished chatting with support. Disappointment central. Have 2 issues that I've been left with just "go to the forums and sound your concerns"... 1. EVERNOTE NEEDS TO GET ONBOARD AND HAVE AN ANNOTATE TOOL FOR EVERYTHING. Not just a pen to make a drawing,. I need to draw on NOTES, photos, web clippings, i.e....EVERYTHING. The tool in there now is a joke (the actual annote tool). And the draw tool to create a little drawing, also, JOKE. Who cares about that? Need to open a document, and properly ANNOTATE. Have been using GoodNotes app (best out there at moment) but doesn't have all the comprehensive features Evernote has. Evernote would be PEFFECT if this gets resolved, SOON. I'm sure other products are out there knocking on the door soon.... 2. Not as important, but..... Be nice to have an ICON/HOME button on EVERY page you're on. At present to get to the Elephant icon you have to navigate several pages back. Multiple that time 100/day?....do the math. Wasted time. Evernote - GET A HOME BUTTON ON EVERY PAGE! Now that can't possibly be that difficult...
  2. Last link for iPhone barcode integration is broken. YESSS I vote YES for barcode option in Evernote for iOS. This thread is going on for YEARS guys! Please someone get on this!!
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