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  1. Just finished chatting with support. Disappointment central. Have 2 issues that I've been left with just "go to the forums and sound your concerns"... 1. EVERNOTE NEEDS TO GET ONBOARD AND HAVE AN ANNOTATE TOOL FOR EVERYTHING. Not just a pen to make a drawing,. I need to draw on NOTES, photos, web clippings, i.e....EVERYTHING. The tool in there now is a joke (the actual annote tool). And the draw tool to create a little drawing, also, JOKE. Who cares about that? Need to open a document, and properly ANNOTATE. Have been using GoodNotes app (best out there at moment) but doesn't h
  2. Last link for iPhone barcode integration is broken. YESSS I vote YES for barcode option in Evernote for iOS. This thread is going on for YEARS guys! Please someone get on this!!
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