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  1. Just suddenly started having problems in the last couple of weeks very similar to this post: I am working in notes with big lists and other plain text content. I might copy something and it pastes back as nothing or just a new line, or just part of the whole piece I copied. I press fn+delete and instead of forward deleting as typical mac behavior it just back spaces. Numbered lists of notes do not join. Previously if you had two lists, one right after the other, you could "join" them by deleting the empty space between and the numbers on the second list would then cary on where the first list left off. This is not working anymore. Sometimes after deleting a selection or line, or after cutting it, the cursor jumps to the bottom or top of the page or somewhere random. Sometimes it jumps OUTSIDE the editing area to the left side of the padding of the white editing area background. Undo and redo are acting weird as well. Sometimes not doing anything at all, sometimes not jumping the screen to the cursor when you do ctrl-z. It started randomly, I hadn't even updated evernote so it wasn't caused by an update I don't think. I just updated to most recent to see if that would fix it but it didn't. Anyone experiencing similar issues?
  2. Although I just found this: http://www.documentsnap.com/evernote-gets-stacks/ Interesting article about stack when they added them in 2010. Before that there were no stacks! I don't remember if I was a user then, but I doubt it lol.
  3. This might be true. Maybe the Evernote people have a more specific use case for evernote than some of their users do. Statistically speaking, that is very likely true. But you end up getting many people with very different organizational styles using it. That leads to my curiosity about why they wouldn't add it, which based on the evidence, will not be answered by the Evernote team Haha, those are clever solutions, but seems it would be a pain in the butt to use A-Z listed tags. I suppose I do not have the problem @gazumped has. I like to use a directory structure, and rarely have a hard time finding things. But that is mostly because I don't use search very often. Instead, I already know which notebook to go to, and that breaks my notes down enough to only have to look through a few notes to find the note I want. Searching has always been such a pain in the butt when you can make 1 click on the left nav to get to the note you want. I am tired of this conversation, honestly. Haha. Anyway if anyone wants to keep discussing features, you can always start discussing why Evernote built in stacks at all for just two layers of hierarchy. That ought to keep the discussion going Thanks for all the input everyone.
  4. The problem is that with nested tags tags still must be unique. For example, if I have two top level tags for broad concepts: "concept a" and "concept b". Now both have random assortments of sub-tags, but both also should have a subtag called "subtag a", they cannot both have "subtag a" as a child. "subtag a" must be a top level tag. This destroys the actual usefulness of nested tags unless you are willing to name all tags uniquely. If you're doing that though you're basically just making a rigid directory like structure out of tags, which is not how tags have ever worked, and thats not the purpose of tags. Tags are supposed to be randomly applicable to any item, non-exclusively. At least that's how tags work in every other application that I've seen them used in. So trying to mimic a directory system with nested tags really isn't the same. You can mimic it, but it's not going to replace it completely, or meet the same usefulness. Nested tags have their own usefulness, and it seems they meet many users needs. I wouldn't try to convince people that it's all they need though, but offering it as a potential, incomplete workaround is accurate for what it is. It's just that for a lot of users, they only need the tree structure, and the tree structure is all they need
  5. Haha, lets hope. @TheMagicWombat, yes, that is more of an accurate analogy. Well, if I go to Wallmart I can buy all sorts of notebooks with categories, and sub categories. Some are even extensible so I can make as many levels as I want! Also interestingly enough, no where else in all my tech experience have I encountered a nesting tag function (anecdote, I know). It breaks with tradition though, and reverses the dichotomy between hierarchy, and random cross-association. If all the notebooks are for, as I've heard multiple people on the forum say, is to identify groups of notes as local, shared, etc (I don't use this feature), that is more what a tag is for. Not 100%, because tags are really non-exclusive. Maybe "label" is what is more accurate. And you could still have local/shared notebooks even with more hierarchy. It's the interface of Evernote that leads to so many people's confusion I think. Setting up notebooks is just like setting up directories in a file browser. But then you find out they don't work that way, and the other feature, tags, which you expected to work like a tag, has this nesting feature. What you gonna do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm not arguing against the nesting tags, I just think it confusing that Evernote decided to sort of switch the two, so now neither is what it seems it should be, at least in reference to previously defined concepts. @gazumped, yeah, this was never intended to be a feature idea, but one of the Evernote team turned it into one. Lol oh well. I was just trying to see if they would answer the question so many of us have.
  6. Hi @BSR, Thanks for responding. My question still lingers. Seeing all the other threads that are feature requests, I decided not to make this thread one. Instead just a question about Evernote's thinking regarding not implementing this feature. e.g. is it something you don't believe in? is it something that is not that important? or maybe is it something you're planing to implement soon? Hopefully I have made myself clear, I do not mean to suggest that it should be done, or anything else. I am only curious to know why it hasn't been done, and what your thinking is behind that or doing it in the future. This could help me know if it's something I should hold out for. If this is not something you are able to discus, please say so, I will understand. Thanks
  7. I've looked over the 33 page long thread regarding more deeply nested notebooks and some other threads. The only posts from verified Evernote employees that I saw only offered alternatives to notebook nesting (which is usually the hierarchical tagging system), which seem to have been clearly identified as useful, but not identified as negating the use of a more "folder" or "directory" like hierarchy, which also clearly seems to be desired by many many users. Personally, I'm at the point where I will be looking for an alternative, or making my own.. probably using Github, and making a small OSX wrapper app that is just a text editor along side the repository so I can make many generations of happy little folders. I'm sad to say that, because Evernote is superb in every way except this one, but this is the one I need most. My question is to Evernote, what are your reasons for not implementing this feature?
  8. I would LOVE to see at least one more level of nesting added as well. I understand how tags work completely. They do not suite my needs. They are not as prominently featured in the side navigation. There are many valid reasons as discussed here why they do not suite all users. Does anyone understand Evernote's current reason for only supporting 2-level deep nesting?
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