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  1. The option to default to title is gone now. It used to be there. Yes I could make a shortcut but the point is I still need to trigger that shortcut! And snag it pastes don't work. They used to but support said it's a known bug. Not being able to paste a screen shot for be is a big blocker. If there was an easy way to fix this I would. Read the original post. One note default to the title and screenshots pastes work...winner
  2. Does one note allow you to paste from snag it, a popular screen shot tool= yes Does onenote allow you to default to the title for a new note = yes I'm using it now and it does the job, less clicks. It's a shame as I did use evernote for years but they screwed it
  3. Feedback is a gift so here is why I'm leaving after being a paid subscriber for a long time... I just wanted an app that allowed me to take notes and customize itself to be as clean and possible. With all the fancy changes we've lost the ability to customise Evernote to suit our needs. It feels like the engineering team think they know how we should use it and are enforcing that on us. Case in point, we can no longer make the title the default when creating new notes. I often Evernote for quick tasks and sometimes the ONLY peice of text is in the title. Why make me click it each time? I have also long wished for the ability to remove unwanted clutter as well but this has never been a feature to the extent I wanted it, and now you have even less control. Basic things like not being able to paste in from SnagIt. This is a known bug but is a big deal. It did work, now it doesn't and it doesn't seem to be a prioity. Evernote, you had a good thing going, you tried to be too fancy and dictate to us how we should use your product. In the process you broke some key functionality. I've just cancelled my subscription and are going to use OneNote.
  4. Seriously I really hate what Evernote have done recently and I'm now looking to cancel. I'm been with them for years. They seem to have decided that their products needs all these fancy features in some regards but that they also no best and take away others. Just let us customize it how we want!!!! I can't even customize the tool bar now I always go to the title first and sometimes that's my only note. Even if it's not I have to click on the title. Let the users have a choice. All I want is a clean, simple, reliable note taking tool, at least let me customize. Anyone got recommendations for other products?
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