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  1. 8.0.4 SUPER laggy on iphone SE w latest software. Previous version worked fine. Incredibly irritating...
  2. I seem to have gotten around the dialogue lock-up by choosing "always start in simplified article". at least I can choose my destination notebook and name my note
  3. Is the clipper working for anyone using windows 8.1 & Chrome? It's been unusable for me since the update and as a result I've stopped clipping, making my data usage drop, so I've changed my plan from premium to plus (since the massive amount of clipping I was doing was using a lot of my data allowance). In the end, something as silly as this could end up losing money for Evernote if it's a widespread issue. The clipper is one of the main reasons I use Evernote...so if it isn't working...
  4. Chalk one up for the "cursor with the yellow square" issue. The entire dialogue window is just unresponsive. It was working fine before the "improvements" ...ugh chrome windows 8.1
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