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  1. I saw in the post below that this issue was supposed to be fixed in the newest version but I am still having it and an additional issue that seems related. I have had this issue for at least a month. When I open the app it says "# clip remaining" and never makes any progress no matter how long I leave the app open. (Currently at 16 clips remaining.) I have been updated to 10.6 for a while now and just updated to 10.7 and am still having the same issue. In addition when I open the app for the first time and its not been open in the background it will open the store immediately after o
  2. It's more like we want pepperoni as an option on our pizza and evernote is not providing it. Some people are coming in and saying "we don't want pepperoni" even though they never never have to use pepperoni on their own pizza if they don't want and it literally affects them in no way whatsoever if other people have pepperoni on their pizzas.
  3. Ok, but we already know that they don't support that. That is why we are coming here to request it as a feature. It's ok that it works for you. Great. But I don't really understand why you are commenting in this thread. I don't think this is the thread for you. Frankly your comments feel derailing and gaslight-y.
  4. Hierarchy of notebooks/stacks should be a given. Currently the only thing keeping from using Evernote over OneNote is the lack of hierarchy. I really, really would prefer to use Evernote, but no matter what I try (hours and hours of experimenting) nothing is right for me. Yes, I have tried tag hierarchy. I like my notes to be in one place, one notebook, and for tags to be something additional. That is how my brain works and is the genius behind applications like Workflowy and Todoist. If hierarchical tags are enough for you, good for you, but everyone doesn't need to be just like you. The
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